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Download CleverType Keyboard now to enhance your typing experience. This state-of-the-art AI-powered tool utilizes advanced GPT-4 technology, including Copy AI, Writesonic, and Wordtune, to boost your productivity and accuracy on Android. Enjoy advanced writing features driven by ChatGPT and a wide range of efficient typing solutions, all for free! Elevate your keyboard experience today with CleverType.
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CleverType Keyboard Review:

Enhance your typing experience with the CleverType Keyboard, a state-of-the-art AI-powered tool powered by advanced GPT-4 technology, such as Copy AI, Writesonic, and Wordtune. Boost your productivity and accuracy using this smart typing application that ensures smooth and effective communication.

CleverType grants you access to advanced writing features driven by ChatGPT and a wide range of efficient and intelligent typing solutions. Best of all, it’s free to download! Elevate your keyboard experience today and enjoy a host of cutting-edge capabilities.

CleverType  Keyboard Features:

Unlock an Enhanced Typing Experience with CleverType Keyboard:

AI-Powered Typing: Harness cutting-edge GPT-4 technology, including Copy AI, Writesonic, and Wordtune, for smarter typing.
Word Tone Customization: Easily switch between formal, casual, or sarcastic tones to match any writing occasion.
Grammar Correction: Bid farewell to embarrassing grammar mistakes; CleverType automatically corrects errors with a single click.
Infinite Customization: Personalize your keyboard with themes, emojis, glide typing, and clipboard management.
Multi-Language Support: Communicate effortlessly in over 30 languages.
ChatGPT Integration: Get AI-powered suggestions and instant answers right from your keyboard.
AI Tasks: Simplify daily activities like writing emails, captions, tweets, and more with over 50 AI tasks.
Advanced Theme Customization: Customize every aspect of your keyboard theme to suit your style.
Translation: Translate text into 30+ languages with a single click.
Intelligent Prediction and Autocorrect: Save time with personalized word predictions.
Multilingual Support: Seamlessly switch between languages.
Free Download: Enjoy CleverType’s powerful features for free with an OpenAI API key.

Upgrade your typing game with CleverType’s ChatGPT-powered keyboard. Download now for smarter, faster, and more accurate typing. CleverType – Your Smarter Keyboard Solution.

CleverType  Keyboard Data Safety and Privacy:

  • Your Safety First: Protecting your data begins with understanding how developers collect and share it.
  • Varied Practices: Data privacy and security approaches can differ based on your usage, location, and age.
  • Developer Transparency: The developer has furnished this information, and it may be periodically updated.

Transparent Data Handling

  • No Third-Party Sharing: Your data is not shared with any third parties, ensuring its integrity.
  • Learn More: Explore further details on how developers declare their data-sharing practices.

Types of Collected Data

  • Personal Info and App Activity: This app may collect data types such as confidential information and information about your interactions with the app.

Data Protection in Transit

  • Encryption Assurance: Rest easy knowing that all data is encrypted while in transit, enhancing its security.
    Control Over Your Data
  • Request Data Deletion: You can request the removal of your data, putting you in control of your information.

How to Use CleverType Keyboard App:

Download and Install: Start by downloading and installing the CleverType Keyboard app from your app store.

Enable the Keyboard: Go to your device’s settings and enable CleverType as your default keyboard.

Set Permissions: Grant the necessary permissions for CleverType Apk to function effectively.

Access Keyboard: Open any app that requires text input, and the CleverType keyboard will be available.

Type and Edit: Begin typing as you normally would, and CleverType’s AI-powered features will assist you in real time.

Word Tone Customization: Use Word Tone to adjust the tone of your text to match the context or your mood.

Grammar Correction: Let Clever Type Keyboard correct grammar and spelling errors as you type, ensuring polished text.

Customize Themes: Personalize your keyboard with various themes, colors, and layouts to match your style.

Translate Text: Easily translate your text into over 30 languages with a single click.

Multilingual Support: Switch between languages seamlessly for effective communication.

AI Tasks: Explore over 50 AI tasks to simplify various writing and communication tasks.

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CleverType – AI GPT Keyboard is a game-changing typing tool that revolutionizes your writing experience. With advanced features like Word Tone customization, grammar correction, and seamless translation, Clever Type AI GPT Keyboard Apk empowers you to communicate more effectively and precisely in multiple languages. Its extensive customization options, AI-powered tasks, and robust data safety measures ensure a personalized and secure typing environment.

Whether you’re a professional looking for polished documents, a multilingual communicator, or simply someone who values accuracy and convenience, CleverType Keyboard Apk has you covered. Plus, it’s available for free with an OpenAI API key, making it accessible to all. Elevate your typing game, enhance your productivity, and enjoy smarter, faster, and more accurate typing with CleverType – AI GPT Keyboard today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Clever Type Keyboard free to use?
Yes, Clever Type Keyboard is available for free with the OpenAI API key.

2. How can I request the deletion of my data?
You can easily request data deletion through CleverType’s settings.

3. What makes the Clever Type Keyboard stand out from other keyboards?
Clever Type Keyboard offers AI-powered features such as Word Tone customization, grammar correction, and multilingual support, enhancing your typing experience and accuracy.

What's new

  • Customize your keyboard with advanced themes, and change colors, shapes, and sizes to match your style.
  • Create your own rewrite settings.
  • More themes are available now.
  • Improved grammar correction and Wordtune AI, making it faster and more responsive.
  • You can now turn auto-correction on or off in the keyboard settings.
  • Easily change the keyboard's size and key sizes.
  • We've fixed the issues and made the app work better.
  • The app now runs smoother and faster.

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