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Panda Gamepad Pro (BETA) connects your device with your gaming console.
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FEB 23, 2023
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Panda Gamepad Pro Intro

Panda Gamepad Pro (BETA) connects your device with your gaming console

Panda Gamepad Pro Review

Have you ever wished to use your own gaming console’s controllers to play mobile games? You currently have the ideal chance to take advantage of it! Introducing the Android beta version of Panda Gamepad Pro. You may utilize any game or application by linking your mobile device to your gaming controller with this program.

Unfortunately, operating the Panda Gamepad Pro can be difficult. You really need a PC to fully integrate your gamepad with your mobile app. Even while we both agree that it should be much easier, there is regrettably no other way to do this.

Let’s begin the process of integrating your gamepad with your Android device right away. To avoid getting lost throughout this tutorial, keep reading.

The Panda Gamepad Pro app is a popular Android application that allows users to connect their gamepad to their mobile device and map the keys to control games.

Some of the features of the Panda Gamepad Pro app include:

  1. Easy to use: The app has a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and configure.
  2. Support for most gamepads: Panda Gamepad Pro supports a wide range of gamepads, including Xbox, PlayStation, and other third-party controllers.
  3. Customizable key mapping: The app allows users to map the keys on their gamepad to control different games, providing a personalized gaming experience.
  4. Advanced settings: The app offers advanced settings, such as the ability to adjust the joystick sensitivity and deadzone, vibration intensity, and more.
  5. No root required: Panda Gamepad Pro does not require users to root their device to use the app.
  6. Low latency: The app provides low latency, ensuring a smooth and responsive gaming experience.
  7. Multiple profiles: Users can create multiple profiles to map different keys for different games.
  8. Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity: The app supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options for connecting the gamepad to the mobile device.
  9. No ads: Panda Gamepad Pro does not display any ads, making it a seamless gaming experience without any interruptions.

Tutorial of using Panda Gamepad Pro (BETA)

  • Open the Panda Gamepad Pro application. In order to proceed, you must provide a few permissions.
  • The following step will be to connect your gaming pad. Make certain that your controller is ready. Turn it on to create the connection. We recommend utilizing a PC or PS4 gamepad instead than an Xbox controller.
  • Before adding the game, you must first add the genuine controller. You will see a list of all compatible programmes. From this page, locate the game you want to sync with the Panda Gamepad Pro app.
  • You must first activate your phone before you can use the gamepad. The next step is to use your PC in this scenario.
  • To proceed, access the following website on your computer: You may also use Google to find the page by searching for “Panda Gamepad Pro Activation Tutorial.”
  • Follow the website’s instructions to download the.RAR file to your PC. Ensure that WinRar is installed.
  • After that, attach your phone to the USB. Turn on USB Debugging in your phone’s settings.
  • Now you have to go back to your computer. Open the activation folder and look for the file with the name “Activation”. Start it.
  • Your phone will need to have the application active. Give the process permission to proceed.
  • Selecting your game and allowing the programme to start are the last steps.
  • After that, you should be prepared to begin using the controller of your choosing to play your game.




Fortunately, you can also get the Panda Gamepad Pro for free if you choose the APK version over the original. When you can get everything for free, why would you pay anything for such a great application?

To enjoy your games with your gaming controllers right immediately, completely circumvent the pay wall. Play video games on your little screen for as long as you wish while using your controller.

Spend less time and download the app now to start playing.



What will Pro version cost?

There isn’t a huge pay wall preventing you from playing your games on a controller. Utilizing the Panda Gamepad Pro download for Android doesn’t require you to pay anything, despite the fact that you might expect to.

The real cost for US clients would be somewhat more than $1. That is nothing compared to the diversity this application offers. a little expense.

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